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Like what I did there? Call it a cheap pun, stolen wording, or what you will. 

It’s deep November. University is on break. But nothing else in life is.

So take a break and read a Dickinson poem



We talked with each other about each other

Straight from Emily’s secret bedroom stash

We talked with each other about each other

straight from Emily’s bedroom poem stash

Rilke's answer again

another translation of Rilke’s famed word on artistic pursuit

Rilke's answer

one translation of a beloved Rilke quote

U. A translator operates in the unknown. To choose the unknown path risks loss—and often brings gain. The translator must gamble on gains to balance losses. Clichés in the original are often fresh in a new tongue, so give literal clichés a new life—especially those from the exotic languages. Indulge in literal translation of a worn cliché so it will shine anew, and beware of a safe equivalent that will persist in tedious dimness. – See more at: